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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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flaring up. some storms could be strong at times. we will talk more about that, the timing of it and the heat as it continues. that's coming up. there's free heat help for seniors in delaware. the city of wilmington kicked off its 2014 fan drive today. the fan drive serves senior citizens and people with respiratory problems who cannot afford or don't have access to a fan or an air conditioning system. for those of you trying to keep your air conditioning running, ppl is making changes to help keep you cool. >> more on their efforts to protect the region's energy supply this summer. doug? >> reporter: of course, along with utility efforts to make certain the power doesn't go out, you have community pools that are starting to open up like quakertown. before you get out to the pool, you have to make certain that you have electricity to the house and that your air conditioning is working. it's not just everyone using air conditioners in hot weather at the same time that causes outages. it's the storms that bring down the trees, according to ppl.
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that is why they have cut back limbs and invested in stronger poles and wires and something called smart grids. >> if you had a problem on a line that affects 4,000 customers, those automatically switching and the smart grid will shut things off and redirect and you may only have a momentary outage or a small outage. >> reporter: ppl's fountain has become a symbol of trying to escape suler. >> we have air conditioning all over the house. so we keep cool. we take showers. we try to stay in cool places. >> reporter: what has become a refuge from the heat is lehigh county's senior center. >> a lot of people here in the housing projects and all that have no air conditioning. the call wept out for them to come here. >> reporter: that is something they believe might be put out here in the next few days. in the lehigh valley as well. tonight at 5:00, we will look at what some of those senior cen r
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centers and other out reach problems do to make people do not suffer in silence. live in quakertown, nbc 10 news. as we enter. we have a list of the health posed by the hot weather plus resources available in your area as temperatures soar. cell phone video captured right now at 4:30, the heat the flames shooting from a delaware home. and humidity. investigators are trying to these are tough conditions to be figure out what started this working in right now. fire. the deadly collapse that we won't be cooling off any time soon. followed. it started around 10:30 on bird >> people seeking that relief were flocking to cooler parts of street near maryland avenue in the area. wilmington. here is a live look at camel investigators are still on the scene. beach in the poconos. the pools, they are going to be tim furlong spent the day talking to officials and a popular place. witnesses. >> the shore is another spot to have they uncovered new clues? cool off. you can see the beaches in cape >> reporter: they're doing their best. they are still digging here may covered with swimmers. trying to get rid of the debris here. no matter how you spend the day, it is just an amazing amount of debris. you need to take precautions. you are looking at the house there, what's left of it. >> let's get back to sheena. it fronts over on first street. there's health risks and threats that come with this heat. it was an intense fire.
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>> yes. you can see for yourself, it was temperatures today, first time own 60 feet west of i-95 right we hit the 90s so far this year. through down town wilmington. along with the heat, we are talking about risks across the area. i will show you what i mean. an nbc 10 viewer shot this video look at the temperatures first. of the fire. neighbors say it just exploded 93, philadelphia. and clachss in on itself at 92 wilmington and dover. 10:30 last night. around 90 through the lehigh >> it was an explosion. valley. tomorrow, we will be a little i was 20 feet from it. bit hotter than this. >> reporter: in the moments after the explosion, this man the humidity will be hotter. called 911 and ran outside to it's going to feel closer to 100. combined with that, a very high help. he heard his neighbor calling. uv index. this is over the next three >> he was saying help over and over. >> reporter: he says he wished he could have saved the man but days. we expect the uv index to be at the fire and heat were too a ten. this means that skin daniel can intense. we were here as his daughter got occur within only 15 minutes. the news. this is another side effect of >> unbelievable. all the heat that we're seeing. >> reporter: martin williams another thing that we've been says his sister and a friend talking about is an air quality alert. were in the house at the time. it is unhealthy code orange for she is in critical condition at sensitive individuals. the burn unit. her family says she has burned by this we mean the children, over 80% of her body. elderly, those with respiratory her cousin came to the scene. illnesses such as as ma, because but she knew she wanted to go back up to the hospital. of the heat and the stagnant air in place, we do have an air >> i'm devastated. i can't believe it. quality alert around for today. tomorrow we have a heat advisory
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>> reporter: firefighters suffered minor injuries. in effect for part of the area. the other woman in the house has it is going to feel hotter slightly less severe burns. tomorrow than it is today. we're also going to see the license and inspections haven't threat of some potentially strong storms through part of had any trouble reports on this the area, too. house. coming up at 5:00, the latest on we will talk about that plus the the investigation. timing of the storms, how hot it i keep making all the calls to will feel. get the answers. that's coming up. we ask investigators what or who president owe because ma caused this to happen. announced plans to create the we're going to talk about that at 5:00. largest marine preserve in the we're live in wilmington, tim world. he announced the proposal on a furlong, nbc 10 news. video message in an ocean the crisis in iraq. conference in washington, d.c. militants continue to gain it would affect the pacific momentum as fighting moves closer to baghdad. today nearly four dozen ocean. leonardo dicaprio talked about detainees were killed as milly the importance of taking action. tavents stormed a jail northeast of the capital. >> this is troubling since this is the closest to baghdad oceans are the source of most of the fighting has reached since our oxygen and life giving militants began taking over cities last week. nutrients on this planet. they dictate our climate, our weather patterns and ultimately jacqueline, you have new video our own survival. without healthy oceans, we are to show us within the past hour? in serious trouble. >> this shows the aftermath of a
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deadly car bombing in a shiite >> he says his foundation has pledged $10 million to marine territory of baghdad. research and conservation. we do want to show think video. look. 12 people were killed, 30 ours new information about a injured when the bomb exploded summer program for kids in in a crowded marketplace. jeopardy in camden. first their bus was destroyed by thataru vingoas notemis. fire. now someone broke into the neighborhood center. authorities say someone put a ladder on a picnic cable to get during the u.s. presence in inside the building. iraq, american forces acted as a at least one computer was taken. the country. buffer betweenhe two islamic yesterday we told you that the bus they rely on to transport children back and forth was secretary destroyed by fire with kids on board. sects. now, they are getting pulled back in.oundrm all the children are safe. organizers of the program are said that a engagem would trying to raise money to replace that bus. a new school bus costs $100,000. a $95,000 keystone community nt on aqvefo n grant was awarded to si pteinbaghhe collegeville borough. the money will preserve his >> thank you, jacqueline. stockic buildings and promote the increasing violence in iraq family and visitor activities. means higher gas prices here at home. the keystone communities program the price of oil is now above was created to help with redevelopment. how about this? $107 a barrel, which is the highest it's been in nine hundreds of military vehicles
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months. will be auctioned off in analysts expect gas prices to california. jump 10 krenlts a gallon. this is one of the largest private collections of its kind coming up at 5:00, jersey shore built by a military history buff. most of the pieces never saw combat. the collection goes up for auction in mid july. reporter ted greenburg talks about wars and the impact on the pieces are expected to sell for several thousand to well over a economy. crews are clearing the scene million dollars. of an accident involving a lawn >> an opportunity here to have a mower. bit of that history is really delaware state police say this remarkable. cher owe key traveling on route 13 hit two vehicles, left the >> the foundation which acquired this collection say they are keeping some of the rarer pieces roadway and then hit someone for a new museum to honor our veterans. riding a lawn mower. both the drive are of the car it's a high tech crime and the lawn mower are in the fighting tool being used in part hospital in critical condition. of our area. investigators working to figure how these cameras work and the out exactly how this thing took place. benefit for officers wearing them still ahead. we will keep you updated. a new program is announced a month dedicated to men's that would allow veterans in our health. area to receive same-day medical the one thing young men can do to protect their health later in life. treatment. under the new cooper veterans vip priority program, service all new, leaving lancaster members who show up at cooper university hospital in camden county. the factors that have the amish for primary care would be seen picking up their possessions and by a doctor that day. leaving the only homes they have ever known. the hospital will dedicate
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healthcare navigators to work with veterans. this program will go into affect starting on july 1st. two pennsylvania senators are pushing to establish a state wide veterans court system. this is manage that exists in 17 counties in the state. the voluntary program would help veterans charged with non-violent crime. in exchange for a guilty plea, they would be able to receive rehabilitative treatment. >> defendants who are veterans and who are screened and asse assessed, voluntary participate in a treatment solving model. this includes access to a variety of services designed to help them heal and move forward. >> after going through the program, a judge can decide to dismiss the charges and cleefr the veterans' criminal record. more money or more cut snz ia blicschor plea for funding day, tupent a eore hrd the request
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before. is there anything different about the funding shortage this year? >> reporter: this year they are asking for more money than they did last year. today i talked to the superintendent because he said the school district needs that money or else. i asked him what that "or else" is. if the city and state doesn't come through, the backup plan is making more cuts? >> well, the only thing we can do is make more cuts. >> reporter: more cuts could be in the form of layoffs or eliminating school programs. >> as well as, do we open or do we open and only go until we run out of revenue? >> if the schools open the way they are now, i'm scared. i probably wouldn't even send my child to school. >> reporter: whose fault is it? why are we back here again? >> well, i mean, it's a lot of people's fault. >> reporter: the council president says the gap is self-made. he said the district is disrespectful of taxpayers.
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he said the city of philadelphia remains in perpetual recession thanks to the school district's ongoing physical challenges. instead of improving public safety, we're looking for more ways to squeeze money from our residents to send us toss a school district that feels it's not accountable to us. >> every year we have for what we need and ask in order to educate our children. >> reporter: the school district is asking for two different amounts. one is the minimum that is needs to operate schools and open this year. the other is what the school district superintendent says he wants in order to provide quality education for your children. i'm crunching those numbers now. >> looking forward to that. in the meantime, the new jersey state assembly approved a bill that would delay the use of new standardized tests for teacher evaluations. it would create a task force to review the cost and effecti effectiveness of the standards. unions that represent teachers say the process has been rushed and schools need more time to
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implement the program. the tests are scheduled to be given to new jersey students begin ining during the next schl year. chris christy announced the expansion of a program to help reduce the number of heroin related deaths. they issued a waiver to more this is national men's than 28,000 certified emts to health month. >> it's the time around father's allow them to administer narcan. day to encourage men to make their health a priority. the medication is used to treelt researchers found women are much more likely to visit the doctor drug overdose patients. for annual examinations and a pilot program launched this preventative services than men. when it comes to the most common spring. but now police officers and to administer narcan. causes of death, all of them affect more men at an earlier age with just one exception, breast cancer. look at this video. doctors say if men don't pay you can see an armed robber attention to their health when they're younger, their older inside the roosevelt. days will be filled with chronic he walked in last tuesday, pulled out a gun, as you can see health conditions that could have been avoided. there. the man demanded money along >> the most likely thing that's going to affect a male is with clothing. investigators say he locked the employees up in a back office before taking off. cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. the groundwork for those please in delaware investigating two sexual illnesses start when we're young and then progress as we get assaults. in both cases the women were
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older. picked up at gas stations. >> doctors say regular blood pressure, blood sugar and the first happened yesterday afternoon at the new castle gas cholesterol checks are important. it's critical to maintain a station. the second around 5:15 this healthy weight because most men gain two pounds per year. morning. the women agreed to engage in i coming up, call concerns. asex act in exchange for cash before they were driven to a >> identity thieves are using secluded location. automated calls to commit their that's where the alleged crimes. assaults happened. >> very scary because everywhere police believe the same man is responsible for both. you go there's a scam. someone wants to separate you changes could be coming to from your money. >> a warning every credit card family court in delaware. lawmakers are set to vote on a holder needs to hear. bill yoult lining what proceedings should be open to the public. we have a lot to talk about closed hearings involve adoption, termination of as we go into tomorrow, parental rights, custody rights especially a heat advisory is out. we have storms on the way. and visitation, garnianship, i will show you the details and paternity and divorce. the constitution says all courts how hot it is. shall be open. all new tonight, a spending many family court proceedings are closed because of laws passed by the general assembly. spree with someone else's money. the man accused of swiping a wallet from a local restaurant look at this dramatic video. and racking up charges with the the powerful twin twisters that victim's credit card. roared through nebraska. you can see debris swirling around the parent tornado. a storm chaser got this up close
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and personal view of that twister as it spawned a twin. at least two people were killed including a 5-year-old girl. we will take another look at the site of the devastation in a bit. the dual tornadoes touched down in pilger, a small town 100 miles northwest of omaha. 75% of the farming community is just completely destroyed. when you look at this, you can see exactly why. the damage is absolutely everywhere. the national weather service says the tornadoes touched down within roughly a mile of each other. more than half the town was wiped out as the twisters cut their path across the community. we're talking homes, buildings and lives were splintered in just minutes. >> seen it coming. we watched. it was moving awful slow. we went down to the basement and took about two and a half minutes, it was over. >> oh, my god. it was devastating. i mean, there's nothing, nothing. clothes on his back. >> the governor declared a state
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of emergency as you can imagine looking at the video. the national guard is leading a search and recovery mission sifting through the debris and looking from helicopters in the air. twin tornadoes like this, they are rare. let's explain the science behind the storms. the video is mind blowing. >> that shows you how strong this is. you talked about how it's rare to have twin tornadoes. two tornadoes roughly the same size is more rare. there were reports it touched the ground for up to an hour. they're more rare. look at storm number one. that one right there that pushed in that brought the strong severe thunderstorms and produced the two tornadoes that moved in and destroyed that part of the region, like we said. it's still about roughly about 100 miles north of omaha. here is the facts. we have two tornadoes within a mile of each other. that's rare. along with two big tornadoes in the same area. normally you have a bigger tornado and a smaller weaker one
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a couple miles away. these two were right near each other. reports of wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. still assessing the damage to see what kind of tornado it was, whether an ef 2 or ef 3. we have up to about 33 tornadoes reported from nebraska through iowa all the way up towards wisconsin. that was all yesterday from the same storm. where is it at now? it pushed through michigan earlier, brought severe weather there. now it's moving into canada where it's nowhere near as severe as what we had in the mid plains states. coming up, sheena is tracking here are some of the stories making headlines. thunderstorms heading our way. heat and humidity. we will talk about whether we will get severe weather from that. we're in for an oppressive combination. ppl is preparing for potential >> see you soon. power outages that come with the officials in wisconsin declared a state of emergency heat. they're not just caused by increased use. it's the storms that bring down for a possible tornado. the trees. look at the damage there. that's why they have cut back nearly two dozen homes were limbs and invested in stronger ripped apart as powerful winds poles and wires and something moved through overnight. called smart grids. one man is dead and a woman trees and power lines toppled
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over knocking out electricity to burned more than 80% of her body thousands of people. after a fire this morning. new details of a federal the fire started around 10:30 push to put a stop to the deceptive claims of weight loss last night in wilmington. no word on the cause. products. we have seen those ads. philadelphia school the federal trade commission superintendent makes a plea for testified about how it's fighting back with the help of funding today. law enforce ment to take action he told city and state lawmakers he needs at least $96 million. on compaes who take advantage of consumers. they are calling on the media to he says if he doesn't get it, think twice about running the it's possible schools won't ads with false claims. open. even if they do, kids may find the ftc says last year consumers bigger classes and more teachers could lose their jobs. spent $2.4 billion on weight loss products. the president program iss more jobs and help for present the food and drug administration is preparing new nurz. >> he made a pledge during a voluntary guidelines to reduce stop in pittsburgh today. the salt in restaurant meals and processed foods. >> reporter: the president toured a facility here in dan yeielle has more. pittsburgh's bakery square that allows entrepreneurs quick and easy access to tools and work space to create new products. >> reporter: at this restaurant, the president told a small group here that normally such tools salt plays a big role in many of the dishes the chef prepares. are extremely expensive. by allowing inventors and >> seasoning is at the hard of business startups access to great food. >> reporter: he is worries about equipment like this, the idea is
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the impact of voluntary to spur manufacturing. guidelines being considered by the fda to reduce sodium levels. the president announced commitments from 90 mayors and he agrees americans need to cut community leaders including the back on salt. but he worries about putting the mayor of philadelphia to open up more space like this. responsibility on restaurants that includes access to $5 and food makers. billion worth of equipment in >> we need to be careful about taking care of guests versus more than 700 research being nannys. facilities nationwide. >> reporter: the national >> whether it's 3 d printers or restaurant association say laser cutters that allow them to businesses need flexibility. design their own ideas, create >> lower sodium, it doesn't sell as well. it's really bringing the prototypes, put them out to consumer along in the journey of sodium reduction. market, test them, tinker with >> reporter: scientists say ldhng bloodreonsuming a them, refine them and ultimately pressure and heart attacks. it's why healthy food advocate create brand new businesses. >> reporter: the president michael jacobson worries the announced a $150 million federal guidelines won't go far enough. investment in a program that's >> the problem with voluntary designed to cut in half the amount of time it takes to recommendations is that nobody has to follow them. create and market programs that companies might fear that if build new materials. they lower sodium levels, their things like carbon fiber and new polymers. competitors won't. their foods won't taste as good. >> reporter: he says consumer education hasn't worked. it's time to cut the salt for them. sodium levels in foods have a and we are looking live
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tendency to vary. so healthy food advocates say it shouldn't be hard to bring the higher salt options down to a outside at the philadelphia lower level. skyline. we have a lot of sunshine today. the humidity a little higher firsmoughar 90sor than yesterday. but we don't have any storms around, not right now. as we go into tomorrow, we do is tpeor closer to 100 degrees. have some thunderstorms in the da ve f nd not hrrow aside from the heat tomorrow, we it will make temperatures feel forecast. it's going to come after heat also have storms on the way. tomorrow, too. because of the combination of that's going to be the first both of these, it's going to be thing you will notice tomorrow. a first alert day tomorrow. we have a heat advisory out. the first thing will be the heat. this is the first thing you will it will feel hotter. today, the first day we have feel tomorrow, feeling near 100 gotten at 90 degrees this year. degrees. later, thunderstorms moving in. heat advisory out for wednesday some storms could be strong. because of the increase in we could see heavy rain with humidity along with the heat. it will feel close to 100 some of these storms at times. in some cases, we could see degrees. we have storms coming late in the day tomorrow. gusty winds. this is all for tomorrow. tomorrow will be a first alert we want to give you a heads up day because of the heat and the before we actually get to storms. tomorrow. heat advisory with temperatures you certainly want to limit your time outside during the day because of the heat. feeling close to 100 degrees right now, philadelphia 93 throughout the afternoon tomorrow. then the late day storms. degrees. 89, allentown, pottstown. some could be strong. 91 in reading. areas in south jersey and we could see heavy rain from
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delaware, pretty uniform here, low 90s. this. clear conditions now. until you get to the shore, stone harbor is coming in at 79. temperatures, first time in the 90s in year. that is one area where there is 93 right now in philadelphia. a little relief. it feels like 93. tomorrow though the heat the humidity is not extremely advisory is surrounding the i-95 high. corridor. all the cou sclose to the as we go into tomorrow, it will be higher. i-95 corridor, heat advisory high enough to make it feel close to 100. from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. right now we're in the low 90s tomorrow. those are the main hours of the. through the lehigh valley. 89 allentown, east west chester. heat tips for you. stay cool by staying inside in the air conditioning. we still have low 90s on the you want to stay hydrated and map, 90 to wilmington. limit your outdoor activity. 92 in dover. it is going to be a hot day as in stone harbor, around 80. we go through tomorrow. for tomorrow, a heat advisory locally we are nice and dry on the radar. out for all the areas in orange. this will change as we go into it's basically surrounding the tomorrow. we don't expect much in the way of rain for the rest of this i-95 corridor from new castle evening. there is one thunderstorm just county up to mercer county from west of the poconos. it's slowly moving to the east 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. these are going to be the hours of date and northeast. we will keep our eye on the where it's going to feel the hottest with the humidity, radar as we go through tonight. feeling close to 100 degrees. we could see showers overnight. the main threat is late in the stay cool, stay hydrated, try to day tomorrow. stay indoors. future weather does keep us on if you have to be outside, try the dry side for this evening. to limit that activity outside. then as we go into tomorrow morning, we stay dry and even locally on the radar, where he
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through the afternoon we stay nice and dry. dry. temperatures will get hot. quiet. a few showers trying to move the humidity will be here. into the poconos. that should be about it as we go it will feel close to 100 through this evening. degrees whether you combine that overnight tonight, a possibility we could see a couple showers. humidity. then once we go through the later evening hours, we expect we should be staying mostly dry. tomorrow, it will be a dry day storms to move in. the severe threat should be just with the heat index near 100 west of the area. it does not mean that we can't degrees until late in the day tomorrow. that's when we expect to see a see a strong thunderstorm. we can't rule that out. least some thunderstorms moving as we go knew thursday, we have in. again, some of these storms more showers and storms moving could be strong. into the area. temperatures won't be as hot as as we go into thursday, the chance for showers and storms we end out the week. tonight, warm and humid i. stays ash. chance of a late thunderstorm, if we hit 90 or thursday, which isolated through part of the is borderline, we could area. technically be in a heat wave. 74 for the low in philadelphia. that's going to be in the forecast as of now. 68 north and west. we will see how warm we actually tomorrow, hot and humid with afternoon storms in the get on thursday. tonight, the warm and humid. forecast. actual temperature should be in the mid 90s tomorrow. it's an isolated chance of a again, when you combine it with the humidity, it will feel closer to 100. on thursday, we have the showers thunderstorm. very warm overnight. and storms around. tomorrow, hotter. we could hit 90 on thursday f. we will have afternoon thunderstorms, mostly evening we do, that would technically be thunderstorms. some could be heavy at times. a heat wave, three days of with the humidity, it will feel quite a bit hotter. as we go into thursday, still a 90-degree-plus temperatures. friday, less humid. chance for storms. going into the weekend, another could be close to 90.
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chance for storms. on friday, mid 80s. you will notice the humidity a damaged screen and stolen will be lower. it will feel dryer. going into the weekend, low 80s computer. thieves car get a local program but the chance of storms stays in the forecast. serving hundreds of children. it's yet another blow to a struggling service we just told when suspicious credit you about yesterday. cardiacivety is noted on your the new tool that some bucks account, it's not unusual for county police officers will be your financial institution to wearing very soon. call you. i'm asking how it will benefit some of the calls could be a scam. you. president obama in pennsylvania. >> part of what's interesting in >> reporter: now that she's this moment in our economy is also what's scary about it. retired, this woman spends more >> the economic agenda he's time in her home. that's where she was a few weeks touting in the keystone state. ago when she received an unusual call on her phone. >> it was an automated call. the first thing they said was, your chase mastercard debit card has been locked. >> reporter: since her card is with chase, she immediately became concerned that there might be fraudulent activity on her account. she listened to the rest of the message. >> if you would like to unlock it, press 1. so i pressed 1. the next message was, your chase card has been unlocked.
4:21 pm
to unlock it, put in your -- the card number. >> that's when a red flag went up since she follows consumer news. >> i thought wait a minute, they always tell you, do not give your card number unsolicited to anybody who calls. so i immediately hung up. >> reporter: when she hung up and checked her card, she realized it was branded with visa, not mastercard. that was red flag number two. then she contacted chase bank directly. >> when i spoke to someone, she informled me that my account was perfectly good. there were no problems. they did not call me. >> reporter: she showed us the number. it says 7000. the call came through even though she's on the do not call registry. >> it's scary because everywhere you go there's some other scam. someone wants to separate you from your money. if i had given the information on the phone, i probably would have had my account wiped out. >> reporter: chase has this advice, if you get a call claiming to be from your bank or
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card company, tell them you will call back. just like this woman warned, never give personal or account information unless you initiate the call and know you are dealing with the correct company. a new tool officers in our area say will help protect you. that story is next. first, a few of the stories trending on nbc news 10 and our mobile app. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this. ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse.
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ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams. a new list just row leased today reveals what suvs are most often targeted by thieves. the ford escape tops the most stolen list in the country. second and third are the ford edge and ford exmrorer. the list covers 2011, 2012 and 2013. recapping our top story, the heat and humidity. people across the area spent the day trying to cool off as temperatures climbed in fst ti season. it's going to continue. a heat advisory is in effect starting at noon tomorrow.
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they say it's for your protection. >> some police officers are getting ready to hit the streets with new body cameras that will record nearly every encounter they have. it's about to go into practice in bucks county. matt, you were met with praise and concern for this new plan, right? >> reporter: yes. especially because it's unprecedented. at least in this area. richland officers will be the first to put on these special cameras. with one push of a button they
4:26 pm
can record everything you say and do. they're still working on the kinks. but in a couple of weeks, that's when this police chief wants his officers on patrol with this, a camera that can be mounted on the body, even a pair of glasses. >> now you have video evidence that the judge can look at it. >> reporter: following the lead of towns elsewhere in pennsylvania, bucks county d.a. david heckler expects others to follow suit. >> it takes away the ability for either side to dispute what happened. it brings the jurors, if we're going to have a trial, the judge an audience more than three times the size of his normal new to the spot to see what york crowd welcomes jimmy fallon to the sunshine state last happened. >> reporter: the police bought eight cameras for its 12 night. officers at a total of $12,000 they hit the road this week. he does did the first of four hoping some of the money will be shows from universal studios in made up by reducing spending on florida. the show started setting up shop legal fees. >> it's a good idea for the last friday. they were able to prerecord bits protection of the cops. >> reporter: those who live and with a florida flavor that will work in the area are mixed over air each night. the idea.
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some say it violates their >> when we were here, we talked privacy. >> it's invasion. it's a little more intrusive to people to get people's than i would like to see my reaction to stuff. we have a lot of man on the police department be. >> reporter: how do you plan to street stuff. we want to showcase how work around that? beautiful this state is. it's gorgeous. >> with the privacy concerns, >> the florida trip is the the biggest issues are whether latest event in what has been a or not they're in a house or in a hotel room. they're going to have that right to that privacy. when they are in public, they don't have that right. whirlwind. t helphei er >> reporter: the d.a. tells me engostechtda he will work with his deputies over the next couple of weeks to hammer down the guidelines for the proper use of these cameras. >> she nt if all goes well here, you could cool. pics dwe't possibly be seeing cameras on our officers in the near future. thet engak close ok at the angit wer. >> next, it was the local lottery that didn't pay out for months. >> until now. we will show you where someone struck it rich in our area. the adapting amish. it's survive or leave for people in one pennsylvania community. facing hard times.
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it's our first 90-degree day so far this year. tomorrow it's actually going to feel hotter. we will talk about the heat advisory in effect plus our chance for storms coming up. airport anxiety. the unexpected landing for one helicopter pilot trying to get her license at a local landing strip.
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right now at 5:00, a house turns into an inferno, then comes crashing down killing one man and injuring three other people, including a firefighter. construction crews are still on the scene almost 20 hours since the collapse. one of the survivors suffered serious burns to much of her body. >> now, we are asking questions. tim furlong is live at the scene in wilmington. any idea what could have started
4:31 pm
this? >> reporter: the clues seem to be coming from the people in the neighborhood here who saw and felt all this last night. it was very intense. the fire marshal was out here all day long looking through the debris. you see how much there is. they are trying to come up with their own official conclusion. >> our building shook. >> reporter: the fire marshal's office isn't ready to say there was an explosion here but neighbors are. from this video, you can see and hear how intense this fire was. a man tried to save a man trapped in the burning rubble. >> it was too much structure in the way. i saw him, but i couldn't get him out. >> this woman and a friend were also inside the home at the time. family members say she had the more severe injuries. she's burned over 80% of her body. >> i heard that it was burned down from my daughter. >> reporter: neighbors say the first woman who ran out of the fire, she told them what she
4:32 pm
saw. >> she said that the guy poured gas on something. >> rr. >> reporter: the fire marshal's office is still invti
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